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Love our wholesale Ed hardy

When I was a child, I like shopping anywhere, anytime, sometime with my parents, and sometime with my little classmates.” beauty is broth with us. It is precisely when the flowering season, there is no reason not to love beautiful Wholesale Ed hardy At that time, we always similar to a buy a few trinkets, and then you buy a mutual appreciation of each other something, sometimes we will play with the next, say, get your head flower heads, and then offer a lovely little mistake, and then, or the mother shoes, clothes, what's set in the body, and then play the role of television


So I go to school. Learned from books, people doing things in their own experience, there is a degree more aesthetic view of the past is always like going to stores to see what New style, is particularly fond of spending money when you put the save bought out, can always become the trend, and when I bought a secretly proud of his trendy clothes, new clothes also followed the other out, no way, could only helplessly watch others do not wear trendy clothes .go to college, but also a change in aesthetic, no longer blindly buying them clothes, and that is suitable for their own and do not necessarily have to be very beautiful, but it must be fit,,,Disputes in the era of the brand, the various brands of clothes, let us look tired, which I love Wholesale Ed hardy . It fashions, unique crafts, fine tailoring, the most important is to wear it, it suits my temperament, Therefore, I always pay attention to pay attention to this a brand-name clothes designer ChristianAudigier a "KingofJeans" Reputation, previously served as designer brands such as Levi's, and later bought the patent rights TATTOO Godfather Done Hardy creation will Done Hardy the tattoo art of the introduction of the legendary fashion, into the retro punk and street culture elements, combined with tattoo tattoo art and fashion. When the cowboy met a genius tattoo godfather, redefine the cooperation of the two masters of the "street fashion" (Street Fashion), daring to Create a very American spirit of the brand. Ed Hardy clothing often use some embroidery, washing, ink and other techniques to create a feeling of decadence erosion, combined with the eagle from the master handwriting, tigers, skeletons, demons, daggers, and naked women and other tattoo designs, making a series of clothes. Another strong oriental flavor of the carp, a  Ed hardy bikini and the tiger totem, the tiger and squirrel dogs belong to more new style of cartoon creation. Therefore, a launch that is loved by the general public, embroidered baseball mesh cap tattoo totem is a collection of value has become hot commodities.



Let us look forward to more good work out of these Ed hardy belts in our daily lives


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